Fursuiting: For the Kids 5th edition video

Here is the 5th edition of my video compilation series "Fursuiting For the Kids: And the Kid In All Of Us" - basically a highlight reel of the best of the best moments of our local group interacting with children at the various events, festivals, etc. we take part in every year.

This video, like the 4th edition, was released on Thanksgiving Day, and I know I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to put on a fuzzy animal costume and bring smiles and joy to people's lives, especially children, and the magic of costume performance do good in the community and beyond.

Enjoy this 5th edition of Fursuiting: For the Kids and hope it brings a smile to your face!  Thank you all for your support and positive comments as well, they are greatly appreciated - and please feel free to share this video with your friends and family to help brighten their day, as well as showcase one of the most positive parts of the furry fandom.

I also posted it on my FA if you would rather comment there: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5300547/
bowling, Marymouse

Kijani's complete AC 2013 video library

After doing nothing but working on videos and photos for a week after returning from AC, I've completed my entire video library from the convention :) As it is every year, AC is just a blast in every way and I always look forward to being able to share the magic of this convention with you guys.


Click on the titles to go directly to the video page, and descriptions are below.

This one is my favorite to do each year (but also the most work), my annual compilation of the best fursuiting moments I was able to capture at the convention to a great beat - Krewella's Alive (Jakob Liedholm remix).

FURSUITING FUN AT AC with Kijani & Singha Lion
Thanks to the awesome ChaosReign who tagged along with me to AC this year, I was able to get a lot of great footage of a certain Hawaiian Lion fursuiting around the con. From impromptu games of "keep away" with my plush zebra leg to entertaining local Pittsburgh kids on the street, there's nothing like fursuiting at AC! Most of the footage also features my friend Rygar as the ultra cool Singha Lion.

I always head to Tonic Bar & Grill on Saturday night in fursuit during AC weekend, and this year's outing went quite differently then in past years. After being pulled outside for a photo, a group of non-furs drinking on the patio invited me to sit with them, and not being one to "break the magic" and speak with my human voice, a hilarious guessing game ensued :)

Like last year, I decided to fursuit in the lobby of the Westin on Monday morning, to say goodbye to the masses of furry fans departing back home and give them one final happy memory. Warning: have tissues handy while watching this video *teardrop*

The ultra-talented Fox Amoore from Scotland giving an impromptu concert on the grand piano in the Westin Hotel. He was mostly taking requests, and I nearly teared up when he played a couple of Lion King songs - Can You Feel the Love Tonight and I Just Can't Wait to be King. The Lion King was what got me into the furry fandom in the first place, so for him to play beautiful renditions of those songs was one of the superb highlights of my weekend :)

This is a truly amazing story that has gotten the Furry Fandom an extraordinary amount of good press, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer and kind-hearted individual that welcomed, with open arms, an often-maligned group of people to the city many years ago.

SARDYUON!!! Need I say more?

In case you missed it, here's the fantastic fireworks display that kicked off the convention on July 4, as viewed from the balcony of the David L. Lawrence convention center. It was an incredibly long show (over 24 minutes), and the finale was one of the best I've ever seen.

Closing ceremonies at AC is always a bittersweet time as we celebrate the weekend's incredible successes, but are saddened by the end.

This video features highlights including total numbers for fursuits, registration, Guest of Honor reflections on the weekend, and last but not least the amazing amount of money the furries raised for the 2013 charity, Equine Angels Rescue.

The esteemed and experienced chairman of Anthrocon, Uncle Kage, imparted his wisdom on Friday morning in the realm of dealing with furry in the media, as well as how to positively promote the furry fandom to the public. Enjoy and hope you learn something, along with a few laughs along the way. Kage is a great storyteller and no matter how many times you've heard his anecdotes, it's just as funny as the first time :)

Furries are passionate people, whether it's costuming, art, writing or even gaming... so why not use that passion to help others? This great panel featuring Wolfpup TK (Furs 4 Life), Yippee Coyote (Critters by the Bay), and Ty Fusky discusses the many ways that furry fans can get involved in charity work and improving the communities and world in which they live.


A colorful cast of fursuiters teamed up to perform a reincarnation of a classic Muppets skit. It was a neat idea and quite entertaining :)

At the AC Masquerade this year the always impressive Sardyuon tried a different kid of act, simply called "Physics." It may have been an excuse to TP the stage, but not without entertainment value!

Masquerade regulars Provo Cheesebeagle (Cheesio), Tigris, Royce and Sharky came up with a clever skit to fit the "Fast and Furrious" theme, during which a drive test goes horribly awry.

Always fun to see what this team comes up with year after year!

One of the most talented musicians the furry fandom has to offer, Rhubarb delighted the crowds at AC's annual Masquerade. His stage time was cleverly scripted as he had to pass an impromptu "rehearsal" to open up the show, and was brought back later.

After last year's fantastic performance, the Lucifurs are back in a big way with an impressively choreographed and high-energy dance routine. As always a real treat to watch this group tear up the stage with their swag!

And if you attended the Masquerade this year, I was the creator of the "Magic of Fursuiting II" video that was featured. I want to thank kuddlepup for putting it in and showing to a wide audience the amazing magic that can happen when ordinary people put on animal costumes to entertain others, and bring smiles and joy to their hearts :)

The Fursuit Dance Finals at AC is the best of the best in the fandom at their craft, and the finals this year was absolutely packed with talent. This event is absolutely one of my favorite parts of AC weekend!

Each of the 20 fursuit dancers in the finals of the prestigious AC 2012 Fursuit Dance Competition rocked the stage, and I pay homage to their talent with this unique highlight reel compilation video that features each of their awesome dances.


SKYE (1st Place)
SADIE (2nd Place)
ZOOMBA (3rd Place)


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Christmas fursuiting fun at Seattle's Pike Place Market

Merry Christmas everybody! On this joyous day I'd like to share with you all one of the most fun outings I've ever done in fursuit, at Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Market (where they throw the feesh) last weekend.
I love fursuiting around the holidays, and this outing is a tradition started by Isak last year. We went to the Seattle Center and I wanted to give Pike Place a try this year. It was an absolute blast bringing smiles and joy to everyone and spreading the holiday spirit, furry style!

In addition to Isak, we were thrilled to have Skyan join us this year.

Big thanks to ChaosReign for shooting video and taking photos, and to Keeko for handling. Edited by Kijani

Fursuiting: For the Kids and the Kid in All of Us - 4th Edition

Hope everyone out there had an awesome Thanksgiving! 

To celebrate the start of the joyous holiday season, I present the Fourth edition of my video series: Fursuiting: For the kids, and the kid in all of us - a gift to my FA watchers and really everyone in the Furry fandom! As always, I am so thankful to you all for your support and for the opportunity to inspire and bring joy to others through fursuiting.

So far, the three previous editions of Fursuiting: For the Kids have racked up over 31,000 views... and I've been truly touched by the countless messages I've received saying how much my video work inspires people to either make a suit for themselves or get one commissioned to start spreading the joy around through the magic of character performance :)

I am also thankful that I have been able to be a part of many great fursuit outings in the past year (either as a performer or a handler), and this fourth edition is comprised of the best of the best footage from the past year, mixed in with some awesome still photos from my archives and some more uplifting, positive music for your enjoyment.

There is truly nothing like putting on a costume and brightening someone's day by giving them a hug or high-five, especially children. Seeing those smiles and laughter that you have created reminds you of the "magic" that fursuiters have, the ability to suspend the notion of reality as you perform in character for others, and break down boundaries and inhibitions between people. 

I hope this puts a smile on your face and reminds you of that special gift that fursuiters have. Enjoy :-)

Fursuiting at Issaquah Salmon Days festival!

It's Salmon Days time again... back for our 4th straight year at this wonderful festival! Under the banner of Anthropaws, we had a great crew of 11 fursuiters perform and bring smiles, fun, furry cheer and great memories to many of the festival's estimated 180,000 attendees this year. This is public fursuiting at its best, and what we're all about!  We even had a dad come up to us with his two young daughters and he said, "You guys are the reason I came!" :D

The first part of the video features our three teams entertaining kids at the Field of Fun, the giant kids' play area with inflatable amusements, pony/camel rides, vendor booths and tons of kids' activities, and the second part features footage from the Rainier Blvd. area which featured a main stage with live music acts playing throughout the day. The fursuiters had a blast dancing in front of the stage, and the crowded thoroughfare made for a nearly non-stop photo opportunity!

Although I didn't fursuit this time, I was responsible for organizing our appearance this year (due to a change in sponsor managing leadership at the festival, we ALMOST didn't get in!) and managing our very large team of 21 fursuiters, handlers and spotters. Overall the day went amazingly well and we got tons of positive feedback about our appearance.

Appearing in suit at Salmon Days 2012:
Heyu Bunny (by Axelroo)
Redclaw (as himself, and performed by Keyy)
Reo (by Da'alrakken)
Robbert Roo
Siber Hamster
Silver Wuffamute

Video shot and edited by Kijani, with some footage contributed by the awesome Dolphin Echo

Summer fursuiting fun - WFS 10 and Bothell RiverFest

Lots of late-summer fursuiting fun was had up here in the Seattle area, here are some highlight videos!

First off, on August 25th I held my seasonal fursuit-friendly bowling meet at Kenmore Lanes just outside of Seattle for FurLife Northwest, and it was a record-breaking meet as an amazing 177 furries from all over the state, as well as Canada, Oregon and even Idaho joined us for a fun time. This number included 108 bowlers and 48 fursuiters in attendance. We were joined by Fur the Record, who spun some live music for the bowlers to enjoy and Kitty Loves Monster as they debuted a couple new shirts at the meet.  I believe the world record for attendance at a furry bowling meet is 206 at Delaware FurBowl 33... we are definitely getting there!

Then, the very next day, I got a group of local fursuiters together for another romp around the awesome Bothell RiverFest, a small, family-friendly street festival held near downtown Bothell, Washington. Out of all of the festivals, parades and events we do every year in fursuit, RiverFest is one of my favorites. Not only is it in my hometown, but the public's reception to us is always spectacular. It's a small little street festival near downtown with a great fun vibe to it!

This was our fourth straight year here and as always there were tons of smiles, high-fives, hugs and good-natured furry cheer to spread around. This is what fursuiting is all about!

Fursuiting for Foster Kids :D

In early July, I received a personal request from one of the managers at Kenmore Lanes, the local bowling alley that hosts my When Furballs Strike fursuit bowling meet in the Seattle, Washington area.

She asked if I could bring some fursuiters down to a special birthday for a pair of twin boys turning 9 years old. They are foster kids and have had a rough young life, bouncing around between homes and never even celebrating their birthday before today. Our appearance was kept as a complete surprise to them until we showed up.

This, in my opinion, represents the best of what fursuiting is all about. We were able to brighten their day and give them memories of their first-ever birthday party that will hopefully last a lifetime!

Fursuiters: Skyan, Frostbite Fox, Isak, Kijani
Video shot by Dolphin Echo, edited by Kijani

Fursuiting at Bothell's July 4 Freedom Festival Grand Parade

For the second straight year, Anthropaws - our local fursuit performance group - brightened up the City of Bothell's annual Fourth of July Grand Parade with some furry cheer!

We had a great crew of six fursuiters out this year: Returners Silver R Wolfe, Uck! (as Arf), Frostbite Fox and myself (as Kato) while welcoming two first-timers to the Bothell parade Fuzzypaws and Skyan.

As usual our reception was simply awesome! We put tons of smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike on our nations 236th birthday. In between all the politicians, local activist groups and military servicemen (and women) walking the parade, I must admit we were quite a crowd favorite!

Out of all the parades we do on a yearly basis, this one is the most enjoyable as it seems the entire city comes out for this great event! Downtown Bothell isn't very big, but for the 9 or so blocks on the parade route the sidewalks were packed 4-5 people deep the whole way, amazing!

Our group was wearing yellow ribbons in honor of the parade theme: "Protecting our Freedom."

Also thanks to our handlers, in particular Dolphin Echo for shooting the raw video and ChaosReign for taking tons of great still photos you can see here: Freedom Festival Parade 2012 album

Kijani's complete AC 2012 video library

After doing pretty much nothing but working on videos since I got home last Tuesday, I finally finished off my video library from Anthrocon 2012 - aka the BEST CON EVER!  I had a blast and it was without a doubt one of the most fun weekends of my life.

From Sardyuon's amazing performance to fursuiting fun all around the convention and at Tonic, to the unbelievably talented Fursuit Dance Competition Finalists, it's all under the cut for you!

Collapse )

FNN June 2012 Featured Fursuiter: Coopertom

The June 2012 Featured Fursuiter of the Month story just went live on Furry News Network, and I was quite fortunate to get another high-profile fursuiting ambassador, Coopertom, for this month's feature. Huge thanks to him for being such a great interview and rounding up some great photos to run with the article.

Coopertom - June 2012 Featured Fursuiter of the Month


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