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Kijani's complete AC 2012 video library

After doing pretty much nothing but working on videos since I got home last Tuesday, I finally finished off my video library from Anthrocon 2012 - aka the BEST CON EVER!  I had a blast and it was without a doubt one of the most fun weekends of my life.

From Sardyuon's amazing performance to fursuiting fun all around the convention and at Tonic, to the unbelievably talented Fursuit Dance Competition Finalists, it's all under the cut for you!

Click on the titles to go directly to the video page, and descriptions are below.
Finishing off my AC 2012 videos in style - here's my annual "fursuiting fun" compilation taken over the course of the convention at various locations.  This is always a blast to put together and helps me relive some of the most fun times I had in my life!
Especially at night during Anthrocon, Tonic - the bar and grill across from the Westin and Convention Center, is one of the most happenin' places in the city. Here's a video featuring fun, crazy, and otherwise inane fursuiting highlights from a memorable Saturday night on the town.
The response from the local "Pittsburghers" was overwhelmingly positive like always!
An amazing (world-record) 1,044 suits were in the parade this year... that's a lot of fur!  I know everyone and their mom probably got video of the parade, but here's mine, shot by harleybadger1, taken from the skybridge at the Convention Center.
Selected highlights from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the convention. Includes Guest of Honor introductions, important announcements and of course the official numbers for registration and the record-breaking year for charity fundraising that brought tears to the eyes of the representatives from Hello Bully.
Fernando DeCarvalho, owner of Fernando's (now Furryland) Subs right down the street from the Westin and Convention Center, made a pair of appearances at Anthrocon's Opening and Closing Ceremonies to pay his respects to the furries that raised $23,000 to keep him open through July this year, and pay off his debts from the economic recession.
This is a truly amazing story that has gotten the Furry Fandom an extraordinary amount of good press, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer and kind-hearted individual that welcomed, with open arms, an often-maligned group of people to the city many years ago.
The esteemed and experienced chairman of Anthrocon, Uncle Kage, imparted his wisdom on Friday morning with the assistance of programming director KP in the realm of dealing with furry in the media, as well as how to positively promote the furry fandom to the public.
As I have spent my career in print media as a journalist myself, this is something I care deeply about, and I will actually be hosting a similar panel at Rainfurrest this September.  Enjoy and hope you learn something, along with a few laughs along the way.
AC's fursuit guest of honor was the incredibly talented Sardyuon from Japan, and he wowed Anthrocon attendees three times on the main stage in the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom at the convention center.
This was the first of his performances, his United States debut on Friday night. It was his first time to the states and it was an honor to be graced with his presence.  Watch, enjoy, and be astounded at one of the greatest fursuit talents in the world today!

Local "Pittsburgher" Jim Martin (AC Guest of honor in 2010) opened up the Anthrocon 2012 Masquerade with the much-anticipated re-introduction of Gary Gnu from the 1980s show The Great Space Coaster. Jim was the original voice actor and performer for the character.
Captain Furry, Snowie, Nicona Shadowolf and Hypr star in this cleverly written skit about a not-so-ordinary day for the new Vice Principal at Pittsburgh High.
An entertaining group of fursuiters performed this sketch from the Muppet Show.
What do you get when you cross a walrus, a shark, and some Shakespeare? Why, this, of course!  Join Sharky and gang in an entertaining "play" on some beloved poetry of yore.

The amazing Sardyuon did a shortened version of his routine at the Anthrocon 2012 Masquerade on Saturday night, capping off the evening with his gravity-defying display.

The Fursuit Dance Finals at AC is the best of the best in the fandom at their craft, and the finals this year was absolutely packed with talent.  
Each of the 20 fursuit dancers in the finals of the prestigious AC 2012 Fursuit Dance Competition rocked the stage, and I pay homage to their talent with this unique highlight reel compilation video that features each of their awesome dances.
Here is the closing dance and judging portion of the AC Fursuit Dance Competition Finals where we see who will take home the champion's crown.  One thing's for sure, the judges had a tougher task than ever this year as the talent level was unbelievable across the board in the finals.  Also, they opened up one judge's vote to the audience via "text this number" like they do on TV, which was a very nice addition to the competition.



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